QK100-Extra Parts - Together with the Keyboard

QK100-Extra Parts - Together with the Keyboard


Please note: This page is only open to customers who have unfulfilled QK100 in-stock orders under their accounts.

Orders will be fulfilled within 3 weeks from the date of placement.


  1. The extra tri-mode PCB includes a PE sheet, a plate foam, and a USB dongle. However, it DOES NOT come with batteries, an LCD screen, or a screen bezel. Similarly, the extra wired PCB does not come with a wired badge.

  2. If you want to purchase both the wired and tri-mode PCBs, we suggest choosing the tri-mode PCB with the keyboard to get the batteries and screen. Then, you can purchase the wired PCB and wired badge on this page as additional parts.

  3. Only the tri-mode PCB supports the LCD screen.

  4. Shipping is free for extra parts on this page when purchased with the QK100 in stock unit.

  5. Orders for parts without any outstanding unfulfilled QK100 orders under the same account will be canceled, and buyers will be subject to all related fees incurred.

  6. Plates are compatible with all PCBs.