This is a pre-order sale. Orders will be fulfilled 1-3 weeks after purchase. The actual timing may change depending on the total units sold. Units sold between Jan 22nd - Feb 18th will experience a 2-week delay. See here for details.

All products on this page are final sales. No change or cancellation will be made after order completion.

Please review the product page before placing your order.

Limit to one unit per order. If you wish to purchase multiple units, please place separate orders.

Get optional extra parts with keyboard purchase here → QK75N Extra Parts


Further notes and instructions: 

  1. If you wish to edit your QK75N specs, please do not edit in your cart. Instead, visit the product page and click "add to cart" again. This will clear your existing cart and add the new specs to the cart.

  2. Each unit comes with a screen and a pair of 2200mAh batteries.

  3. Each colorway includes a default badge, screen bezel, and rotary knob. Additional badges and knobs can be purchased from QK75N Extra Parts.

  4. When purchasing this keyboard, please only add QK75N Extra Parts to the cart. Adding any other items will prevent you from checking out.

  5. Orders without a plate, PCB, or other essential parts of the keyboard will be canceled. Buyers will be responsible for any fees and transaction costs incurred.

  6. If you have multiple orders being shipped to different locations, please use separate accounts. Our logistic system will automatically combine all orders under the same account and ship them to the same destination. This helps consolidate extra parts orders and provide free shipping.

  7. Tri-mode PCBs are NOT based on QMK and do NOT support VIA/VIAL.

  8. PVD Dusk patterns are random and each unit differs from the others. Renders are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.

  9. Purchasing this keyboard means you agree to our QC standardshipping terms, and refund policies.