Neo65 Extra Parts - Together with the Keyboard

Neo65 Extra Parts - Together with the Keyboard


Parts orders placed in different sale stages from the NEO65 keyboard will NOT be eligible for free shipping and will be canceled. We highly recommend that you purchase all desired parts together with your NEO65 keyboard.

  • Sale Batch 1~11: Completed
  • Sale Batch 12: Nov. 15th to Nov. 21st  → Completed - Orders in fulfillment
  • Sale Batch 13: Nov. 22nd to Nov. 28th  → Ongoing
  • The future stages will follow similarly till we determine that the product is no longer competitive enough in the market.


  1. The extra tri-mode PCB includes a PE sheet, a plate foam, and a USB dongle, but does not come with batteries.
  2. Shipping is free for extra parts on this page when purchased with the Neo65.
  3. Parts orders without any outstanding unfulfilled Neo65 orders under the same account will be canceled and buyers are subject to all the related fees incurred. 
  4. Plates are compatible with all PCBs.