QK65 v2 Classic Extra Parts

QK65 v2 Classic Extra Parts


Products on this link are only offered to customers who purchase the QK65v2 Classic on qwertykeys.com during the group buy phase.

Products on this page are eligible for free shipping. You can purchase additional parts at any time during the group-buy phase. Your parts orders will be automatically combined with your unfulfilled QK65v2 Classic order and shipped together.

All PCBs are hotswapple. 

Extra tri-mode PCBs come with a PE sheet and a plate foam but NO batteries.

HE PCB doesn't include a PE sheet or foam. 

HE PCB is only compatible with the HE ALU plate.

FR4, PC, POM, ALU, and CF plates are compatible with tri-mode PCBs, but not compatible with HE PCBs.

One set of front and rear clips includes 2 front clips and 2 rear clips.