QK65 Parts

QK65 Parts


All sales are final; all in-stock products ship out in 1-3 weeks after purchase

QK65 R1 parts are compatible with wired Restock and STONE AGE units and vice versa, but not the wireless enabled QK65. Purchasing items on this page means customers agree to our quality standard and understand the compatibility issues.

Solder PCB includes: one QK65 solder PCB one PE foam, and one Poron Plate foam

Hotswap PCB includes: one QK65 hotswap PCB, one PE foam, one Poron Plate foam and stand-offs kit (to fixate the plate and PCB together)

Extra parts are not necessary for purchase:

  • gaskets socks and jackets: 4 long and short gasket jackets + 16 gasket socks
  • rubber feet/bump-ons: 4 rubber feet
  • screws: 2 bottom case long screws, 2 bottom case short screws, and 2 weight screws

Plates are compatible with both PCBs.

Hotswap PCB supported layout
Solder PCB supported layout

Cosmetic imperfections without impairing functionality are accepted.