QK65 v2 Classic

QK65 v2 Classic


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The spray-coated colors White, Pink, Lilac, Black, and Red all have glitters.

Recommended combinations:
Anodized top + Anodized bottom
Spray-coated top + Spray-coated bottom
Spray-coated top + Anodized bottom

Due to differences in surface treatment techniques and coating thickness:
anodized top + spray-coated bottom is forbidden, and anodized bottom + spray-coated weight is not recommended. There will be a noticeable difference in texture among these combinations, and we do not accept returns initiated by customers solely based on dissatisfaction with this distinction.

Orders will be fulfilled within 3 weeks after order placement. The actual timing may change depending on the total units sold.

All products on this page are final sales. No change or cancellation will be made after order completion.

Please review the product page before placing your order.

Update: The HE PCB will be black instead of orange for the mass-produced products.

Update: Due to a change in manufacturers, there will be some differences in the colors of the ice blue and golden cases compared to previous batches. Specifically, the ice blue will lean more towards a blue hue, while the gold will be slightly darker than the color in the previous batches.

Content List:

  • Case (top + bottom + weight)
    • With two pre-installed 2200mAh batteries for orders with Tri-mode PCBs
    • Orders with HE PCBs will receive two fillers for the battery compartment
  • Badge set of your choice - inside the accessory box
  • PCB Kit (Tri-mode PCB or HE PCB)
    • PCB of your choice
    • PE sheet + PCB foam (for Tri-mode PCB only)
    • 2.4GHz dongle (for Tri-mode PCB only)
    • Neo Lavender Switch * 70 (for HE PCB only)
    • Stand-offs (for HE PCB only)
  • Plate of your choice
  • Case foam
  • PCB daughterboards - installed
  • Silicone gaskets
  • Rubber feet (1 set in grey and 1 set in white)
  • Backup screws
  • Backup rear and front clips
  • Free gifts (not covered by warranty):
    • A set of 65% Clip-in NeoStabs
    • Keyboard protective case
    • Screwdriver
    • Switch puller
    • Keycap puller
    • Coiled USB-C cable


Further notes and instructions:

  1. If you wish to edit your QK65v2 Classic specs, please do not edit them in the shopping cart. Instead, visit the product page and click "add to cart" again. This will clear your existing cart and add the new specs to the cart.

  2. Orders that include tri-mode PCBs will come with a pair of 2200mAh batteries.

  3. All PCBs are hot-swappable

  4. When purchasing this keyboard, please only add QK65v2 Classic Extra Parts to the cart. Adding any other items will prevent you from checking out.

  5. Orders without a plate, PCB, or other essential keyboard parts will be canceled. Buyers will be responsible for any fees and transaction costs incurred.

  6. If you have multiple orders shipping to different locations, please use separate accounts. Our logistic system will automatically combine all orders under the same account and ship them to the same destination. This helps consolidate extra parts orders and provides free shipping.

  7. PVD Dusk and PVD Chroma patterns are random and each unit differs from the others. Renders are for illustration purposes only and may not accurately represent the product.

  8. Purchasing this keyboard means you agree to our QC standardshipping terms, and refund policies.