[Free-shipping] Owlstab V2

[Free-shipping] Owlstab V2


  • Please do not discard the box if missing/DOA claims are needed
  • These do not ship to outside of the United States
    • Do not put other items in the same order with owlstabs
    • shipping exceptions to a few military addresses (listed here)
    • shipped via USPS or UPS weekly from our US distributor depending on their schedule, ETA would be 5 business days barring any unexpected delays
    • vendors
    • Content
      • tldr - 100% can be used towards one Tsangan 65/80% and one 6.25u 80/65%
      • wires: 4x2u wires, 1x7u and 1x6.25u for 80℅ and 7x2u wires, 1x7u and 1x6.25u for 100%
      • 10 stab housing + stab stems for 80% and 18 for 100% 
        • in black and white transparent/translucent colors (more colors in the future)
      • 6 wire cushions for 80% and 9 for 100%
      • 12 stab Teflon tapes and 18 for 100%
      • 12 washers and screws and 18 for 100%


    • Butt-plugging compatible


    • The major selling point is the wire made from Liquidmetal®
      • tldr don't bend it alright?
      • made of a type of shape-memory alloy
        • there is an elastic limit where stay straight during transit and installation when force was exerted on the wires
        • Thus its "memory" and "original shape" can be altered with frequently bending or bend-and-hold
        • Overall, don't intentionally abuse this feature to avoid metal fatigue and deformation
      • We are working on improving the QC process to enhance the accuracy of the straightness test
    • wire cushion (not in the review units)
      • compatible with or without the pe foam to reduce the noise due to wire wiggling


    • Revamped the housing from the Alpha version in Mr.Suit R1
    1. reduced the wire hole size to decrease possible wobble and pre-travel
    2. decreased the opening width of stab housing to lower its chance of contact with the dummy switch stems


    1. a connection point is now added onto the dummy switch legs as a grease reservoir; the strength is also increased to tolerate higher brutal force when unplugging the keycaps


    1. revamped the wire guiding trough design - simply pushing in would lock the wire safely on the stab housing