QK60r2 In-stock Units

QK60r2 In-stock Units


Please do not order from this page if you already have a QK60 in hand and only wish to get accessories like PCB, plate, daughterboard, etc. Visit this sale page instead: QK60 Extra Parts

  1. customers are expected to get one case (one daughterboard and one weight are included), one PCB, and one plate from this page; any orders that are incomplete (i.e., ones without a plate or PCB) will be canceled, and buyers will be responsible for any fees and transaction costs incurred.

  2. limited to one unit per purchase/checkout, no limited per account/person/address

  3. inventories are limited and we will only restock pcb and plates (Wired PCB restock may take up to 1.5 month, for example)

  4. case color and weight style are pre-set and not customizable.

  5. PCB, plate, and daughterboard purchased on this page will NOT be shipped unless it's ordered with qk60r2 in-stock keyboards or there are any outstanding qk60r2 in-stock keyboards ordered under the same account.

  6. shipping out in a week barring any unforeseen circumstances such as hurricane, seasonal power shutdown, etc.

  7. Chroma and Dusk are random mixes of gradients, so the result on each unit may vary.

  8. One qk60r2 in-stock unit, no matter how many tri-mode pcb purchased, will only include one piece of 2200mah battery.

  9. Please do not add anything that is not on this page to the cart along with this keyboard. Otherwise, the rest of your orders will be refunded.

  10. Please use different accounts if you have multiple orders shipped to different locations. Our logistic system automatically combines all orders under the same account and ships them to the same destination.